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Founded by Rev. Fr. Anselm Ofodum, Ph.D., the Raphael-Evelyn Education Foundation was named after his late parents Raphael and Evelyn Ofodum. A catholic priest incardinated to the Archdiocese of Onitsha but whose origin is the Diocese of Nnewi, both in Nigeria, Rev.Fr Anselm has the vision to promote the values of his parents as charismatic leaders in education in the local communities of Eastern Nigeria.

Both Raphael and Evelyn spent their lives championing the development of young children and adolescents. They also spent their resources to promote education in the local communities where they lived and worked as educators. They strongly believed that the child is the future leader of the community; any negligence of the personal development of children is tantamount to social disintegration of the society. As a principle of life, Raphael and Evelyn believed that every child should be able to get a basic education. In doing so, each child is then better prepared to make a living. These are the spiritual and motivational principles of the Raphael-Evelyn Educational Foundation.

In his travels through Europe and the United States, Fr. Anselm Ofodum keenly felt in a practical way the beliefs of his parents about the development and education of children. He believes that by giving the same educational opportunity to the people of Nigeria, the Raphael-Evelyn Education Foundation will greatly improve literacy in that country. Our mission is therefore to empower individuals, helping them to develop leadership skills and be goal oriented in contributing to a better society.

The Raphael-Evelyn Education Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who manages and directs the affairs of the foundation with the aim of realizing the goals and mission of the foundation.

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About Us

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