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Vision 2023

Through our establishment of model schools that set the standard for education, we demonstrate to communities the power of education to improve the lives and conditions of citizens in Nigeria.

The Raphael-Evelyn Education Foundation aims to engage businesses, communities, and individuals in promoting and supporting our mission for education in Nigeria. We hope that through common values the fostering of collaborative projects with institutions, schools, and organizations that offer support for non-profit foundations can be established, allowing our vision to be realized, but that realization cannot take shape without you.

Project Timeline



Develop school models and secure financial support.

See our current fundraising goals.


R&E Roof School.png


September 2020: School opens with first class of Upper Basic 1 (Junior Secondary 1, JS1)


September 2022: JS2 advances to JS3; Second class of JS1 students advance to JS2.  Welcome new class of Upper Basic 1 (JS1) students.  School now contains all three levels of Junior Secondary: JS1, JS2, and JS3

Fist JS1 class completes junior secondary and advances to Senior Secondary 1 (SS1)


Build our first secondary school in Nigeria.

See the latest news from our construction site.


Groundbreaking and begin construction of dormitory on school ground.


September 2021: First Class of JS1 advances to JS2.  Welcome another class of Upper Basic 1 (JS1) students.


September 2023: Begin Senior Secondary Curriculum


Help us reach our goals.

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