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Mission, Vision and Beliefs

Raphael-Evelyn Ofodum International School believes that education is the backbone for human development, self-reliance, and self-governance. We strive to create conscientious generations of men and women able to govern themselves, and to create a promising future within their communities. As a result of our efforts, students at Raphael-Evelyn Ofodum International School will be confident and secure in remaining in their homeland knowing they have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to lead productive and happy lives.


At Raphael-Evelyn Ofodum International School, we model a holistic approach to education centered on the development of the individual, as well as, focusing on the social, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual well being of all students.

Our philosophy emphasizes educating the whole child under the four pillars of leadership: truth, knowledge, leadership, and service. These pillars were established under the principles for catholic education and missionary evangelization, while still being dedicated to the goal of championing the development of the youth of Nigeria through education, ensuring a new generation of people endowed with skills and potentials for self-management and leadership may provide a restored hope for the society of Nigeria.


Partnership With Parents

While the school partners with parents in educating their children, the school is established with the belief that parents are the primary educators of their children. Because of this deeply rooted belief, Raphael-Evelyn Ofodum International School strives to communicate with parents through a variety of media. Basic information will be provided through the school website, including the school calendar and principal newsletters.  The school will communicate regularly with parents about student academic progress. More information about these services will be provided at an annual parent orientation at the beginning of the school year.


Embedded in the teaching mission of the school and in partnership with parents, the school is committed to ensuring its students enjoy a safe environment free from abuse or harassment. The Board of Directors of the foundation has adopted policies intended to prevent any type of abuse of students while in the care or supervision of Raphael-Evelyn Ofodum International School. Key elements of these proactive policies include the thorough screening and supervision of all employees and volunteers, the education of employees, volunteers and students regarding prevention strategies, and a serious response to any allegation of abuse.


Additional opportunities for partnership with parents are extended through the Parent-Teacher Organization Throughout the school year, parents will be expected to participate in activities supporting the school vision for leadership development and the overall growth of its students.

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School Philosophy

In order to share and pass on Raphael-Evelyn Education Foundation’s purpose and mission, the Education Research and Planning Committee of the foundation created a document called The Teaching Mission for the school.  Excerpts from that document are below, and introduce major sections of this handbook. 


School Pillars


Rooted in the pillars of Truth, Knowledge, Leadership, and Service, the education program of Raphael-Evelyn Ofodum International School ministers to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical formation of each student.


Goal 1:  Truth


To guide students in the development of a personal relationship with God to live in harmony with humankind through the educational process.


Goal 2:  Knowledge


To provide a challenging curriculum that equips students to think critically and work collaboratively in gaining the intellectual competencies and skills to be effective leaders in the communities of Nigeria and beyond.  


Goal 3:  Leadership


To equip students with the leadership skills to be successful adults, collectively ushering Nigeria toward a higher living standard, infrastructure, and self-sustaining mindset.


 Goal 4:  Service


To establish a culture of service which inspires students to serve their community, work for justice, and use their talents, knowledge and skills to proactively contribute to improving life in Nigeria and in the world.        

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